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Rethinking Teaching

Working in a small group on a wicked problem, my group and I tackled the problem and tried to find the best solution for the problem of rethinking teaching.   This infographic defines the problem and questions we surveyed other educators around the world to further understand what is necessary to rethink teaching. The final blog post can be found here.




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Educational Impact

Based on Thomas L. Friedman’s idea that Passion Quotient and Curiosity Quotient are greater than one’s Intelligence Quotient, I created an infographic to examine how I can make an educational impact using TPACK (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge) to help students achieve their goals.



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      Maker Education

Throughout my experiences in the MAET program, I have been exposed to the Maker world.  I was not familiar with what Maker Education was nor had I been a part of it, but throughout the classes I have taken, I have had the opportunity to see the opportunities that it creates for students.  In my original post, I talk about the positive and negative aspects to including Maker Education in the traditional classroom and ultimately conclude that its positive impact outweighs the negative.