A Journey of Combining two passions:

A reflection on goals as an educational technology enthusiast

Let me begin this reflection with honesty.  I went to Michigan State for my undergraduate program and completely had the plan that I’d leave after four years to become an intern at some publication in hopes to become the next Carrie Bradshaw of our time.  It was through my experiences as a tutor, babysitter and latchkey supervisor that my mother suggested I look into becoming certified in teaching. And thus, I began my journey as a Journalism major, soon-to-be Spanish minor working on my secondary teaching certification in the number one secondary education program in the nation.  Upon completion of the program, I didn’t know what I wanted post graduation, aside from the fact that I loved technology and applied for a position at an Apple store. By November of 2009, I was not only teaching in the city of Detroit but also working at a local Apple store learning and trouble shooting new technology tools that I could potentially use back in my classroom. Too my surprise, almost ten years later I had not seen myself as still teaching, let alone working on a master’s in an educational field.

But here I am.  I have always been passionate about learning something new and the culture and climate at Apple helped facilitate and ignite my passion for learning, teaching and ultimately doing with educational software and hardware.  While teaching Apple sessions to the general public at the store, over and over again I’d receive feedback from customers that I should consider becoming an educational consultant or that I should think beyond the general classroom to help other educators understand how to use this innovative technology in their own classrooms.  

I constantly debated about what it was that I wanted out of life. I finally came to an understanding that I wanted to find a way to combine my two passions together — technology and education.  I wanted to find a way to help facilitate open dialogue, policy change and professional development for teachers and administrators so that they can better incorporate technology in a safe, creative and educational way.  

From journalism to educational technology, my passion to inspire, innovate and create continues to thrive.  The Masters of Arts in Educational Technology program has afforded me an opportunity to help increase my understanding and usage of technology, pedagogy and content knowledge in a way that continues to inspire my students to authentically enjoy their learning experiences.

My goals throughout the program have not changed, but rather have became more solidified.  I am still hoping to eventually step outside of the traditional role as a teacher in a classroom, and help other educators with the use of technology in the classroom. I would like to be able to facilitate technology training and professional development for educators, administrators, and even parents, so that they are better equipped in their usage and understanding of educational technology.

Although I may not be the next Carrie Bradshaw, I may just end up being the next TedTalk inspirational speaker or helping you learn innovative ways to incorporate technology in your own classroom, school or institution.

For a .PDF version of my reflection, Click Here.