Assessment Design Checklist

In this week’s module for CEP 813, I was asked to create an Assessment Design Checklist. This checklist is setup as a beginning foundation for what I would need to setup an impactful formative assessment in my content area (as a Spanish, level 2 instructor).

These first few modules have really opened my eyes to a better understanding of what formative assessment is and have helped me realize how much more I need to understand.  I’m wishing that I was given the opportunity to take this course as part of my undergraduate College of Education courses, because this is already forcing me to question my method of assessment in my classes.

Just yesterday, I used a pretty strict, summative assessment with my students to check their understanding of level one material, but when we went over the answers today in class, I asked students to orally give me an explanation as to how they got to their answers.

To check out the draft of my Assessment Design Checklist, Click Here.

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