Beliefs on Assessment

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog.  I am currently enrolled in an Online Assessment course toward earning my Certificate in Online Teaching and my Master’s of Arts in Educational Technology.

To begin, three things that I believe about assessment are that:

  1. Assessment should be relevant and engaging. Learners who are being assessed should not feel “surprised” or that they were misguided.  This reflects on the idea that the learner should not only understand content and expectations, but also that the assessment provides a clear understanding of those set learning expectations and assesses them accordingly.
  2. Assessment should provide learners with the necessary feedback to help them understand the material better and to give them a better scope on their learning outcome.  Through assessment, does the learner need to revise their understanding or thought process? Or do they have a good grasp of the content and are they able to show that understanding?
  3. Finally, I believe that there is no one “perfect” way to assess a learner’s understanding of content knowledge.  When you think of all of the types of assessments (formative, summative, work-integrated, dyanmic, diagnostic, synoptic, etc.) that can help assess a learner’s understanding, it is important to think about which type would provide you (the educator/teacher) with the most relevant results (going back to belief number one).

Finally, I believe that most learners think of assessments in a negatively — and oftentime that negativity can manipulate the way they respond or answer an assessment.  Through the process of understanding learning and assessment, as educators, we can help change the way we develop great assessment and ultimately change the way learners view assessments in the future.

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