Inspiring Creativity: Creativity Around Us

Welcome back to a new year!  This assignment is for my CEP 818 class I am currently enrolled in for the Fall.  For Module 1, I chose to do this assignment in my own bedroom because other than my classroom (and my car), this is the only other place that I spend a lot of time in.  It’s also the place where if I am to be inspired by any creativity, it would most likely happen in here.  I feel like my bedroom is comforting and makes me feel welcome and secure.  It provides me that safe space to allow me to the opportunity to think and feel.  It’s the place where I can shut the door and get away from any outside stresses, sit in any emotions that I am feeling or just ponder to myself without outside distractions.

The only part where I feel that it dampens my creativity is the fact that it is such a small space, 10×12” and if I have a hectic week and leave clothing everywhere or shoes everywhere, it makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious which pushes me to leave the room.  To find another location to relax or even dream.

I think this room impacts my creativity because it surrounds me with everything that is mine.  I have everything I need in here to do creative things — create music, read, write, draw, dream or find resources online that can inspire my own creativity (ie. “Get the juices flowing”).

Based off of my experience, I’d say that my optimal creative learning environment would be a much bigger room that had blanks walls of canvas that I could paint on, a large desk area where I could keep my DJ equipment out all of the time and mix music whenever I wanted.  It would also have tons of notebooks for me to pull out when I wanted to write and most importantly, it’d have a walk-in closet so I can put all of my clothes and shoes away so I don’t always feel so squeezed in the space that I currently have as my bedroom.

The following is the document created in 1 hour of the 5 things I found in my bedroom that inspire my creativity:


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