Infographic: 10 Reasons to Embrace Maker Education in Traditional Education

This week in CEP 811, we were asked to create an infographic talking about Maker Education.  As we are slowly coming to an end for this class, we have taken on several different tasks that not only introduced me to Maker Education but also forced me to understand how amazing and wonderful the world of Maker Education really is.  I personally got the chance to have the “WOW” moment in this class where I was surprised and delighted by the wonders of creating something using my Circuit Scribe kit.   I loved watching different YouTube videos about Maker Education and seeing how young minds are so intrigued by being independent thinkers in their own personal educational experiences.

I think so many traditional educators, mostly because learning can be quantified in Maker Education aside from seeing the finalized products or creations, turn their eyes away from embracing Maker Education.  So this week, I created an infographic giving traditional educators (teachers & administrators) reasons as to why they should embrace Maker Education and either create their own Maker Spaces at school OR to go on field trips to Maker Spaces within their communities.

Here’s my infographic:

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Mara Deutch

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