21st Century Lesson Plan for Hispanic Heritage Month

This week in CEP 810, we were asked to create a 21st Century Lesson Plan including a digital tool and would cover one (if not more) of Renee Hobbs’ core competencies. These competencies that our students should be taking away from each lesson plan are: Access, Analyze, Create, Reflect and Act.

I enjoy periodically stepping away from teaching my students grammar and vocabulary, so I like to introduce them to cultural information, history and the like.  Since we are currently in the month of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15th), I thought this would be a great way to tie in my lesson plan for CEP 810 with something I could actually do with my students in my current Spanish level 200 classroom.

For my lesson, I chose to do a week-long project where students will be given an opportunity to ACCESS relevant information using iPads in the classroom (and their home computer) about a Hispanic historical figure (I’m open to have my students pick from a hat anyone that is “famous” for their contributions to society). From there, they will be required to gather pertinent information about that person and then share what they learned with the rest of their classmates in an oral presentation-format. Throughout the gathering stages they will have the opportunity to ANALYZE the information that they have gathered  and pick apart the information that is important to share in their presentation. Afterward, they will CREATE a presentation using Google Slides (this will be their visual aide during the presentation). Then they will be able to REFLECT on what they learned and be able to explain to their class how that historical person made an impact on today’s society. Finally, they will be able to ACT, working independently to share the knowledge they’ve gathered (via an oral presentation). Ultimately, their goal is to engage the rest of their class in why the Hispanic historical person they chose is

View my lesson plan for a project that allows students to teach each other about an important Hispanic Historical figure during Hispanic Heritage month.

The guideline that students would receive after they are introduced to the project looks like this: hispanicheritagemonthprojectdetails.

Ultimately, I think that my students will take away not only competencies while doing this project, but also have the chance to practice their presentational and organizational skills as well.



Hobbs, R. (2011). Digital and media literacy: Connecting culture and classroom. Thousand, Oaks, CA: Corwin/Sage.


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